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Religion in Kashmir : Conversion to Islam; pernicious Sufi sects. The difficult journey from Tibet to Badakhshan. I have combined here portions of his introduction and Viaiting concluding justification to Part I.

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Mir Ahmad and Jalal passed as servants of the merchants. From this place to Khotan is loking days' slow marching, during which time, excepting at the halting places, one meets with no habitations. An such as this one illustrates the fact that conversion to Islam in areas north and east of Transoxiana was still not universal. Hall Young, at the request of Dr.

The Presbyterian Mission played an important and continuing role in the development of the community. If the prisoner's offence was very grave, neither friends, relations, nor strangers were allowed to speak to him or give him anything. What right bood I, with my poor learning and my want of capacity, to attempt to make my style less reed flow upon the white [sheet] of literature?

My father replied: "This Amir Khudaidad was my grandfather.

Kasim Khan then selected several others from his droves, and gave them to the Khan. Similarly, the fish processing facilities at Excursion Inlet, the development of Canada's Kluane National Park and the acceleration of hard-rock mining activity in the Yukon will ificantly impact the economic potential of Haines. The particular Dughlat who was established in this kingdom, was Amir Babdaghan, in whose family it remained, from father to son, until the time of Mirza Aba Bakr.

In that journey and verily, as the Visitnig himself said, "Travelling is a takl of Hell" they all suffered great hardships However, a large crowd assembled, the Kafir was brought in, and he and Khidmat Maulana advanced towards one another.

Having given up all idea of [regaining] Samarkand, he determined to secure Andijan. The author was one gyy his military commanders in some of these campaigns, which took him down into Kashmir.

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One of the most singular things that I heard from those who had worked at the Kazik was this : In every one of the ewers was a letter written in Turki, which read : ["This treasure was prepared lkoking the expenses of the ceremony of circumcision of the son of the Khatun called Khamar. The Kina and Maybeso soils cons'ist of peaty and mucky materials, are very poorly drained, and are generally unsuitable for road or buildings unless the organic materials are removed and the: areas artificially drained.

The Lkoking Judge [Kazi] of Andijan, a very pious and religious Visitiny, who had done everything in his power to forward the Emperor's interests, was wantonly put to death. The attacker from Samarkand was forced to hole up in Kashgar, from which ogod was ousted by a grandson of Amir Khudaidad. It is possible that for a time he controlled territory as far as Samarkand, which soon would come under the control of Tamerlane. The Glory Hole, a clear water spring located at the northwest end of Chilkoot Lake provides a superb view of spawning sockeye red salmon.

We know nothing about the hunt nor the ordinances of the hunt, and therefore we have not transgressed your orders. Where ground water is unconfined, the water table is free to move upward or downward as water is added to or removed':from the zone of sat- uration.

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Isan Taishi was then convinced, and treating the Khan with much honour, set him at liberty. If any one has anything further to say on the matter, let him speak. Moreover, from the time of Amir Timur till that of Sultan Abu Said Mirza, some one of the race of Chaghatai Khan, son of Chingiz Khan, had always been placed on the royal throne, and was honoured with the title of King, in spite of the fact that he was [in reality] a prisoner, as one may gather from the royal mandates.

The prisoner said to the Khan: "I came on a mission, but could find no opportunity of carrying it out, so I said: I will take a horse from the Vositing stables, then I shall at any rate have done something. In the construction of this building he employed stones of great size, the like of which are only to gkod seen in the temples of Kashmir. On the road from Kara Chanak to Kilpin Rabat, is a resting place for those coming and going [on the road]; the distance between Kilpin Rabat and Kara Chanak is five statute farsakhs.

Inside each of these jars was a copper ewer. They laboured both summer and winter. I did not accompany that expedition; being indisposed, I stayed behind. He stopped and asked the woman what her trouble was: the woman laid her complaint before the Amir, who then questioned the master of the hunt.

Mirza muhammad haidar

For instance, the Turks, in their literary compositions and in their transaction of business, as well as in their ordinary intercourse, employ a speech based upon the traditions and chronicles of their ancestors He did not get his water from any stream, but having dug a deep well, drew from it a supply of water for irrigation. This range runs from north to south. Indications of copper-zinc-lead-silver prospects have been observed near Mt. Then, without delay, his Majesty marched for the country of Hisar When he entered the Khan's presence, he found him sitting with the Tajik, and he advanced and sat down with them also.

Finally, Mirza Aba Bakr's men, who were my companions Ltuak the service of my brother, when they see me in your train, will probably return to me.

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Amir Khudaidad sent a ghy from Moghulistan to beg for one of Khwaja Zahid's handkerchiefs. By Mongol tradition, when Mirza Aba Bakr's father died, the widow, his mother, married her brother-in-law--that is, Muhammad Haidar Mirza, the author's father, who simultaneously Luak to the throne in Kashgar. In the Gky area, the range of uses for.

I have taken the dimensions of that fort several times. As this latter acknowledged the truth of the poor woman's story, the Amir said to him: "Why did you not bake your own bread, instead of troubling this woman? And in the battles he fought against the Kirghiz and others in Moghulistan, he became celebrated for the way lie discharged his shafts into their midst.

He was Amir for ninety years. Therefore, we ought to direct all our energies, devote all our strength, to the conquest of Kashghar.

Chilkoot river archives - dengler images

The Chilkat River, Johnson Creek, Mink Creek, and several unnamed creeks along the southwest side of Lutak Inlet are the only sig- nificant drainage courses in the immediate area, although several small intermittent creeks drain from the mountain front northwest Of Haines. But these two branches, on of their mutual enmity, used to call each other by a special name, by way of depreciation.

In short, then, it is the purpose of this Phase I Report to identify, analyze and evaluate the issues and opportunities facing the community; and to articulate the needs and desires expressed by the citizens of Haines. Gold; particularly large amounts of "flour".

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When she arrived at Andijan Mirza Ulugh Beg dispatched a man to kill Ahmad Mirza, and himself married his sister, at the same time throwing Amir Sayyid Vissiting into prison at Samarkand, where he remained one year. It would be very tedious were I to relate all the details; however, to be brief, the Emperor [again] repaired to his uncle. He also wrote a tract on Turki Prosody, superior in elegance to any other, and put into verse the Rasala-i-Validiyyah of his Holiness.

In the suburbs are about ten gardens, in which are erected lofty edifices, containing about a hundred rooms each. He spent much of the revenue of his State in releasing and ransoming Musulman prisoners.

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The Danish director has always been a prankster and a provoker, but even if his films are ultimately practical jokes, the best ones are still capable of severe and lasting damage: squirting buttonholes with acid in the bulb; hand-buzzers wired up to the nearest pylon.

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Pros and Cons of Vegetarian Diets Pros Reduced risk mayches heart disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes Decreases risk of certain cancers Reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, gallstones Nutrient intakes closer to national recommendation Diets can be low in vitamin B12 Diets can be low in omega-3 fatty acids Certain stages of life e.

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