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Hot Take election prove America's war on drugs is finally ending In a dark election cycle that took place in an even darker year, the in Oregon and several other states provided a rare bright spot. O customer at the Alternative Herbal Health Services cannabis dispensary holds a marijuana cigarette in San Francisco on April 24,

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City of Charleston, S. Yet another free speech and medical marijuana case reached sublime heights of absurdity. The political impact of felony disenfranchisement laws became starkly evident in the presidential election. Again, Frederick Douglass' description of his master's prohibition of his education resonates with current drug war policies: ""Learning would durgs the best nigger in the world.

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The drug war claims morality and protection of children drigs its goals, while turning a blind eye to the racial injustice it promotes. We are incarcerating African-American men at a rate approximately four times the rate of incarceration of black men in South Africa under apartheid. He would at once become unmanageable, and of no value to his master. Closer to our consciousness today, and especially haunting in its racial targeting, is the incarceration ofDruvs Americans during World War II.

In truth, we need to try it all: safe injection sites, treatment on demand, sobering centers, conservatorship and smart intervention by police and prosecutors. That commission may refer the person to treatment — always readily available — or a psychologist. AIDS is the leading cause of death for young blacks and Latinos.

The long march toward recognizing drug use as a matter of public health, mental health and human rights and freedom just took a big leap forward. Public authorities today, intimidated by the rising costs of building and maintaining prisons, have introduced an innovative program as the panacea vrugs incarceration: prison labor.

Turner v. In fact, wherever cannabis legalization or drug decriminalization was on the ballotpeople decisively voted in favor of it.

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Under The Higher Education Act HEA ofany drug conviction blocks or delays all federal educational assistance, including loans and even work-study programs. Beyond the deeply arbitrary process, asset forfeiture poses a deeper threat. September 1, As the nation prepares to careen further down this pernicious path, the drug war's costs urge a different course.

Decriminalization means exactly how it sounds: penalties are no longer criminal.

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While no one would now defend using ancestral traits as a proxy for disloyalty, in the heat of war the majority of U. The federal prohibition on psychedelic drugs has long been an obstacle for researchers trying to investigate their medical potential. How marijuana legalization and other initiatives did in election Nov. Oregonians delivered by far the biggest blow to the drug war by overwhelmingly voting to pass Measure One encouraging is ddugs launch this dugs of a street crisis team to respond to calls about people in distress.

Now, it is prisons that deprive black men of their freedom. Under the drug war, police construct a veil of drugx, freedom from legislative oversight, and latitude to set an agenda able to no one-a system that lies very far from pd democratic institutional practices in the United States. Families report being unable to leave their apartments because of the crush of dealers outside and repeated harassment when they do venture out.

Before considering what these decisive wins mean for health, justice and politics, a brief recap of the new post-election landscape is in order, because the map deugs drug laws looks much different after election night.

The war on drugs, explained

Conservatives, perhaps those with a libertarian streak, in red and purple states such as Arizona, South Dakota, Mississippi and Montana voted to relax their drug laws and reject the status quo. San Francisco Superior Court judges and juries have no appetite for that, Boudin said. The caustic effect of punitive drug policies has slowly eroded the cornerstone of U. The health of African-Americans was constantly under attack on the plantation and under Jim Crow; and it is still under fierce fire from the war on drugs.

The war on drugs has similarly decimated the Fourth Amendment, a measure intended to limit the power of law enforcement to search and arrest.

Republicans and democrats agree: end the war on drugs

Given the overwhelming support for Vice President Gore among black druggs, if ex-felons had been allowed to exercise their rights there would have been no need for a recount and the White House would now have a different occupant. Remember that much-debated conservatorship law to make it a little easier to compel people who are severely addicted to drugs and who create a danger to themselves or others to accept treatment? Slaves were kept purposefully illiterate and uneducated.

For African-American men between the ages of 20 and 29, almost one in three are currently under the thumb of the criminal justice system.

We will one day understand that the war on drugs was a war on people and communities. Research suggests that drugs like psilocybin can help people kick smokingheal from depression and treat post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

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A federal judge saw beyond the drug war rhetoric and ordered the votes to be counted. A customer at the Alternative Herbal Health Services cannabis dispensary holds a marijuana cigarette in San Francisco on April 24, Treatment on drrugs.

Unlike other crimes, drug offenses do not typically have complaining witnesses, people who come forward to request police assistance. Lockney Indepen. It is the U.

National institute on drug abuse

The of inmates also exceeds the combined population of Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont. In some instances, women who tested positive gave birth in shackles and were hauled away in chains to prison while their new born infant was removed to foster care.

African-Americans do not use drugs more than white people; whites and blacks use drugs at almost exactly the same rates. Inmates are paid a pittance; for example, the California Prison Industry Authority PIA pays the 7, inmates who participate in its programs anywhere from 35 to 95 cents per hour, before deductions. A declaration of war, now as at other moments in our national history, allows us to throw out the normal rules of conduct under the imperative of a higher goal assumed to trump all other considerations.

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