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She will state that the Champion is quite difficult to track down, however, she's got their scent as she gives them a deep sniff. She remarks that they smell like her cum, which brings her to question if they bathe, but she cuts to the chase by stating that although she might be able to put them over her knee if she wanted, they're still the best fighter she's met since the tribe made landfall. She plans to challenge her brother, Argoth for control of the tribe, however, he will cheat once she starts winning, so she needs the extra muscle considering she can't trust anyone in the tribe to not fuck her over. The following options are available for the Champion to decide on what to do: Sure - That sounds

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Unfortunately, the actual sex of women to women was just alright, but when she was introduced to a strapon, everything changed, but it was hard to cum from, so she wanted something that'd be a part of her. Challenge for Leadership Having gone through the majority of events for Right of Conquestonce they have reached the Orc Pavilion, they will see Arona with Hrethawho's anointing Arona's cheeks and face with war paint as she stands ready to challenge her brother.

Arona's kin live in an old fort up on the middle of the hill that was built by her ancestors. Yes - There's a great little drinking hole waiting for her. The Champion will have the following options on how to respond: Nope - There's no tavern in Hawkethorne. Another problem was that she tends to prefer women, although hard abs and fat cocks have their place, she'd rather have a big pair of tits and a wet juicy quim.

Ha, she got a hell of a wake-up!

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Got my first kiss that way, let this big beast of a babe a year or so older'n I was catch me, pin my arms. Chieftain Arona Pennstlvania Visit Visiting Chieftain Arona for the first will have her grin as she rhetorically asks that shouldn't the Champion be out fighting a demon or something before the Champion replies that they've come to talk to her.

If the Champion wins, Arona will jest about 'where had this side of the Champion been all this time', but states that she still needs their help, although this Pennsylvamia as partners. Went for my tongue instead, fished it out with hers.

She will state that the Champion is quite difficult to track down, however, she's got their scent as she gives them a deep sniff. If something like this interests youplease what day of the week today is Aroba the subject. Arona explains that the gods fucked up for not giving them all big ol' cock, that they could have drowned the world in orcish halfbreeds already.

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Got an ass so fat she practically bounces right off your lap, but she's near as strong as me. With SubArona, the Champion will saunter to her, which causes her to squirm for a moment as her breeches tent when the Champion gets close. For SubArona, she'll offer the Champion a piece of her brother before she exiles him back to the southern islands. Orc Guard knockup chance if has a cock Breed Guard - Take each of Arona's pet bodyguards in turn, giving her a creamy load to remember you by.

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Talk Her Homeland On the topic of her homeland, Arona mentions that their islands are off the east coast, past Khor'minos, and although most people call them the northern islands, in orcish, they're called The Sailgraves. Arona Pennsylvaniz no doubt be amenable to recruitment after this.

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With DomArona, the Champion will take a knee before her, which causes her to heft a leg over their shoulder and will later use her knee to yank their face into her musky leather breeches. Hell No - Wait she can't just you up for this, you're not her slave If Cait is present in the party, she will in and make it a threesome.

Note that if the Champion does impregnate the bodyguards, all tucks of them will become pregnant. When the Champion has Arona with them, the next time they visit Ragnild after her initial meeting scene at the forgethey will find Ragnild fitting Arona's new armor on her which Hretha claims that it's some of Ragnild's best work.

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If the Champion loses the fight, it will result in a Bad End in which Argoth will exile his sister and enslave the Champion's party for the Kervus Tribe. Regardless of their decision, a pair of Kervus warriors drag the fallen chieftain ePnnsylvania of the pavilion, with Hretha and Gerik following to chase the fallen chieftain off. Her Dick - So what's the story with that dick of hers anyway?

Regardless of where Arona is, the following options are will become available once they approach her: Appearance Talk - [DomArona:See if your mistress might be willing to talk instead of just fucking you Help Her - Take care of that big, juicy boner for her The reason for the name comes ih the surrounding reefs that make it impossible for anyone but the natives to sail through. What's up with that?

The place is pretty cold all year round which makes farming challenging, "winters fuks brutal, summer is cool, and wind's a bitch if you aren't up in the hills". Armor exists to give you a last chance to live through blows you fail to deflect, it doesn't make you impervious to them. Also, put your inseam size in the response to help me know that yours it is not a spam response. She's got it in her mind to challenge her brother for leadership and she needs someone fuks watch her back when Argoth starts losing.

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Unlike the elves or humans, the orc tribes don't have empires or take land, they fight fair and square, take a few slaves, some treasure, and then go home. When the Bang Bros have been defeated, the warriors will howl in approval for Arona as their new chieftain. Argoth's defeat will end the fight, but because of the Champion's interference, he will remain the warchief and Arona will be exiled for violating ancient tradition.

Ain't gonna be parrying demon-magic or mind control; gotta rush in and crush the bitch's skull fast and hard, no holding back. Lying to Arona will have her take a deep breath, say her goodbyes and march off into a dark canyon beneath the uNde of the warcamp, most likely the Champion will never see her again.

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However, the problem was that as the chieftain's Arpna sister, she was expected to have kids and that meant a lot of time not fighting while she waddles around the keep. Either way Companionship At The Frost HoundArona can be found doing a variety of things, ranging from arm-wrestling with Garret when he's available, fruitlessly flirting with Briennere-braiding Etheryn 's Pejnsylvania if had Pensylvania a threesome with herto busily cleaning the bronze face of her shield. Subsequent Visits With Arona as the new warchief, the Champion will be allowed to enter and leave the Kervus Warcamp as they see fit.

She plans to challenge her brother, Argoth for control of the tribe, however, he will cheat once she starts winning, so she needs the extra muscle considering she can't trust anyone in the tribe to not fuck her over. Orc Bodyguards While Arona is at the warcamp, she has a group of four amazonian bodyguards that remain close to her.

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Should the Champion refuse to aid her and attempt to back out, she will attack the Champion, and Pennsjlvania they lose, it will result in the Arona's Slave Bad End. I do have a small preference to shorter women less than 5' 7".

Crushed her garland but she didn't care at that point, was so fuckin' mad that I was startin' to think she'd rip my tusks out when she leaned down over me. What can you do? Her Family When asking about her family, there are 4 possible scenes that can play: Random Chance for:. Hretha will inform her sister that she must decide what to do with their brother after having been utterly shamed. She fought in the tournament fair and square and when she won, marched up to Hretha and told exactly what she wanted, including all the details.

Shame she didn't come a'raiding with us this year, I'd introduce you.

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