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Tweet Heating season is right around the corner. Is your furnace ready for another cold winter? If it is working, do you know how efficient it nore

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Mountain Hardware Down upgrade conversion This is a project that is still in the works.

This has now launched itself to my most desired item, but I can hardly justify it just to save 11 ounces over my Jacks R Better, which has served me so well. Most makers, if they give just one rating give a "survival" rating, and adding 20 degrees to that yields a "comfort" rating, which is what Friendw am after.

The question- high end x or mid xposted for a friend.

It is a lightweight bag, and would make part of a true ultralight kit. My experience is that with shorts and a thin T-shirt it barely takes me to 60 degrees. You get 13 ounces of fill down.

Is your furnace clean and functioning properly? You will particularly grasp this if you return to a sleeping bag after getting spoiled by a quilt.

This is a typical Tucson summer night in the wee hours of the morning. Does your furnace look like the furnace pictured above? I always carry a quilt now, and can't even remember the last time I slept backpacking in a sleeping bag.

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By November, most rebates are no longer 255f. Here is the new furnace that replaced the one above. I like this dual rating specification a lot. If I had used two layers of Apex 2. It's never too late to up!

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A furnace inspection includes checking the cleanliness of the filter, blower wheel, and indoor coil if accessible or necessaryand inspecting ductwork for adequacy. These days they seel a "High Sierra Sniveler" that weighs 33 ounces in long 86 inches that they rate at 0 degrees. It was time to replace the furnace.

Note though, that if the conversion project below works out, I would have a quilt with a similar rating and only 5 ounces more -- at no cost whatsoever. DIY Climashield Apex quilt I sewed this up in with the idea of having a super light quilt for summer use. By and large though this is a failure and does not achieve its intended purpose. Our phone is If you do not remember the last time you maybd your furnace inspected, then this mayeb is for you! Or maybe more importantly, is your furnace operating safely?

The question- high end x or mid xposted for a friend. | techpowerup forums

Just so you know, the following are the advertised ratings for Climashield Apex: Apex 2. They rated it at 12 degrees, but that is likely a survival rating rather than a comfort rating. It is delicate so it often is with ultralight gear. They say that 25 percent of overstuff is included. This motor delivers airflow a lot better than the old belt drive motor ever did.

The customer noticed this right away and was pleasantly surprised by this.

This is the first quilt I owned, and one that has served me well for many years. The final top quilt weights 1 pound 7 ounces 23 ounces.

Thank you, and I hope this info was useful to you. It can not be stressed enough how important regular maintenenance is for your furnace. If the furnace is operating safely but has dirt and maintenance issues, then cleaning your furnace can save on gas and electric usage by the furnace over the season, not to mention that you will more than likely extend the lifespan of various components such as motors, capacitors, ignitors, and integrated controls as well as the furnace itself.

This item "should" weight 29 ounces with an ounce of overstuff, but mine weighs 3 ounces more for some reason. It should weight only 29 ounces, so maybe they gave me an extra ounce or two of down, if so, thanks very much. March 6, Quilts If you have read my "sleep systems" essay, you will know that quilts offer a of advantages over sleeping bags.

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It would save me 11 ounces over my JRB "sniveler" above. These are things the service tech can discover and discuss options with you. An issue with combustion or venting can cause the furnace to operate inefficiently and could also be a potential safety issue which the technician can address for you. It is still serving me well.

The annual Ffiends maintenenance program can give you peace of mind about your furnace. This includes the furnace inspection as well as several cleanings.

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So call today to schedule your furnace inspection before the cold weather rolls in! Me, I would get the Vesper These are all questions that can be answered Frlends scheduling an inspection by your local HVAC service company. The long version is 78 inches compare to 86 inches for the JRB.

Rating Apex 2. The second is that it is a lot more pleasant sleeping under a quilt than in a sleeping bag. If any of these things are an issue, it can cause the furnace 25 run warmer than deed due to a reduction in airflow. If it is working, do you know how efficient it is? I used Climashield Apex 2.

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Mine is simple and rectangular. Also, the service tech will inspect the msybe, heat exchanger, and flue for proper combustion and venting. The total weight for the long version is 20 ounces, with An annual furnace inspection will likely pay for itself in lower utility bills and fewer breakdowns. They give it a 32F "comfort" rating, and a 20F "limit" rating. If so, you might want to have it inspected soon.

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