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Photo Credit: Kathy Adams Fid. Restricted use. Photo: Kathy Adams Clark 4of4Water birds, like these great egrets, come to the rookery in search of mates. The long-legged, long-billed water birds assemble in a stand of trees called a rookery on a spit of land in the middle of Clay Bottom Pond. Houston Audubon provides spacious observation platforms along the pond's high banks for viewing as the birds strut along the "runway" of trees used for nesting.

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Micronesia includes small islands located north of Melanesia. Tonga is the only monarchy in the Pacific. With less than ten thousand people, the Marquesas do not have a large population to support and rely on financial support from outside to Fihd them.

Now under the government of Chile, Easter Island was historically inhabited by Polynesians who built large stone he that remain somewhat of a mystery. French painter Paul Gauguin is buried there, and the islands are remembered as his home during the last years of his life.

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American music and societal trends are also a major influence on the islands because of migration between Hawaii and the US mainland. Tonga is ruled by a monarchy that never lost its governance powers throughout the colonial era. The French government used islands in the Tuamotu Archipelago as test sites for nuclear weapons.

Approximately islands and atolls are in the Hawaiian iwland, which extends about 1, miles. High islands are usually volcanic in origin and mountainous with high elevations.

The big, beautiful birds gather at the rookery - an Old World term for nesting colonies of European crows called rooks - because it's a relative haven. The volcanic Marquesas Islands to the northeast are the second-most remote islands in the world after the Hawaiian Islands.

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Figure What is the difference between a low island and a high island? Tourism is the main economic activity in the Pacific, but minerals and fossil fuels provide some islands with additional wealth. The birds' glitzy plumage is all about mating rituals among potential partners. Christianity became widespread once it was Fihd and is now the religion of about 99 percent of the population.

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Radiation fallout continues to be an environmental concern. Low islands in this region are usually composed of coral and low in elevation.

Why are so many islands in the Pacific governed by the United States? Houston Audubon provides spacious observation platforms along the pond's high banks for viewing as the birds strut along the "runway" of trees used for nesting.

The Line Islands were used for testing of British hydrogen bombs starting in Everest if measured from its base on Finr ocean floor. In western Polynesia, the French maintain control over the islands of Wallis and Futuna.

The weather pattern in the Pacific does not bring enormous amounts of precipitation to the Marquesas, a reality that restricts human expansion in the archipelago. Three atmospheric nuclear tests were conducted by the British on Malden Island, and six were conducted on Christmas Island. Radiation Hihg are the same here as they are on the Marshall Islands, where the United States tested atomic weapons.

Polynesia includes island groups from the Hawaiian Islands to the Pitcairn Islands. Both island chains were US possessions before being annexed with the Gilbert Islands to become Kiribati.

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InKiribati declared the entire island group a protected environmental area, which made it the largest protected marine habitat in the world. It is secluded by woodlands and surrounded by a pond that could contain alligators, making it a life-threatening moat for such predators as raccoons and coyotes.

The biggest and most ificant group in the southern region is French Polynesia. French Polynesia The South Pacific is home to many islands and island groups that are not independent countries. What has been a growing sector of the economy for many of the Pacific islannd

Which island group is the largest protected environmental marine habitat in the world? Before World War I, Germany gained control of the larger, more extensive western islands only to lose them to New Zealand after the war. The islands have a population of fewer than twenty thousand people, and the main economic activity is the cultivation of black pearls and coconuts. Transportation costs can be high for imported Hih or Fknd tourism development.

The low elevation of the islands of Tuvalu make them susceptible to damage from rising sea levels. Hawaii became the fiftieth US state in Photo Credit: Kathy Adams Clark.

Classifying pacific islands

The main component of Kiribati is the Gilbert Island chain in Micronesia, where the capital city and most of the iskand are located. The two main methods of gaining wealth are by remittances from citizens working abroad and tourism. Fresh water can be HHigh valuable resource, as it is in short supply on many islands.

In Samoa, three-quarters of the nearly two hundred thousand people live on the larger of the two main islands.

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All the rain falls on the windward side of the mountain, creating a rain shadow on the leeward side of the mountain, which is a semidesert. Their odd beaks and pinkish colors cause some people to mistake them for flamingos.

They quickly pair up, assemble nests, and breed and lay eggs. From tothe French tested 41 atomic devices above ground in the atmosphere, and from tothey tested atomic devices below ground. Watch as a male spoonbill woos a female by staking out a nesting site, bobbing his head and grabbing onto a nearby twig with his beak before rattling it like a tambourine.

What main factors have determined the economic activities of the Pacific? American Samoa became a key military post for the United States. Peak activity at the High Island rookery is from mid-March to mid-April, and best viewing is in early morning or late afternoon. The Society Islands include the island of Bora Bora, which is considered by many to be a tropical paradise and one of the most exotic tourist destinations in the world.

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