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Dominate wives stories


SissyTec : by Missy Crystal Synopsis: The whole problem of turning a useless man or nasty little boy into a simpering sissy wiges how much time the mommy had to spend on training and management. SissyTec makes it easy for her. All she has to do is use one of our automated products and go about her business.

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Although nominally this law applied equally to husbands and wives, the law was written and administered in such a way that, much like the divorce laws, wives were the chief beneficiaries of the law. All she has to do is use one of our automated products and go about her business. After a while, the wives came to realize that this complaint was a variation of the old "blue balls" complaint that men had conned women with for years.

Comment: Synopsis: It is about a nurse and a female prison guard which intended to transform a male inmate into a sex slave. Comment: Synopsis: With the help of a Domme instructor, a couple takes their relationship to new heights.

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The courts liberally construed this requirement so that over time it became relatively easy to get a lawyer to draw the necessary papers and get the court to issue a "protective order" that would protect the health of wivs wife and the welfare of the family. And those husbands who were naturally sexually submissive reveled in being used to give sexual orgasms to their wives while being denied their own orgasms. Part Two: How the Chastity Device Option Worked A husband under a court "protective order" was required to report to a medical laboratory that operated under court supervision.

Typically, these wives kept their husbands locked up until she desired sexual activity with her husband, and would unlock him only for the duration of the sex act and Dominnate for sanitary purposes. These women will surely cure him. Comment: Synopsis: Mistress invites a couple of her girl friends over for lunch to show off her new pet.

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Instead of letting it slide, these wives insisted on proper performance of these tasks and took active steps to correct the situation, e. This had some interesting : Many wives reported that from time to time they experienced a delicious twinge in their pussy when they watched their husband performing these household chores for them, when they both knew Domimate it was because of her new-found sexual power. There were a variety of devices on sale for linking the two steel rings.

This was followed by increasing media coverage of the plight of innocent wives who contracted AIDS from their philandering husbands. And everybody seems to want to dominate the new slavegirl.

Dominant wives: erotic tales of marital femdom, chastity, cuckolding, husband humiliation & more! - kindle edition by fowler, jodi, marshall, meredith, olsen, brett, pope, charlotte, roche, thomas s., morley, n.t., acton, xavier, o'brien, amber, simms, kendra. literature & fiction kindle ebooks @

All she wanted was his total submission to her. The mistresses decided to take over Dominatee task of training the husband. Other husbands were taught how a dildo could be used, especially when combined with oral sex, to satisfy a woman. Some said that these men were "pussy whipped," and to a certain extent this was true. Sometime the scenes may not appeal to all readers.

If nothing else, this teaches a husband that he is not indispensable to his wife's sexual pleasure, and it often resulted in a reappraisal wivws his sexual role. To the surprise of many wives, it turned out that almost one in eleven California husbands were in this category.

A survey of the "modern" wives of locked husbands reported storiess the great majority felt no loss of femininity, but rather felt more like they believed a woman with power should feel, i. It didn't seem like too much of a stretch when she decided to take charge of their checkbook and finances, or when she put him on a monetary "allowance," which determined how much he could spend without her express Domniate.

Dominant wife stories

Their husbands wivees looked forward to being "rewarded" with such "treats" and would do almost anything to "deserve" it. A storm of protest erupted in which wices feminists ed with mothers' groups, the moral majority, public health officials and politicians of every political stripe to "bring a halt" to this "modern plague" which was said to threaten the stability of the modern family. Comment: Synopsis: The secret sex advanture of the couple was found out.

Comment: Synopsis: Jason wanted to give his girlfriend an impressive anniversary gift. Comment: Synopsis: A guy is blackmailed by a coworker and agrees to do anything she wants and what she wants is more than he ztories for.

The dominant wife

The most popular mode was a miniature padlock that tightly connected both rings under the man's balls so that the glans of his penis was locked pointing down and nicely separating his balls. Comment: Synopsis: The first segment in a continuing series about a man brought by force into the service of a beautiful woman and how his love grew for her and her sisters in Dominance, the Daughters of Stoeies.

The biggest change came when many of the wivea of the locked-up husbands came to assert themselves more forcefully in the economic decisions of the marriage. Thus the CSPA provided that because of a wife's reasonable fear that she may contract a deadly AIDS infection from her husband and in order to protect her and her family from this dread disease, the court would issue an order that gave a husband three choices: 1 a medically supervised chemical treatment that would keep him from having any further sexual sives, 2 installation of a foolproof chastity device which would be under his wife's exclusive control, or 3 a divorce under which, of course, his wife got most of the assets as well as lifetime spousal support.

Uniformly, these wives reported that they enjoyed the feeling of power this gave them, and the fact that their husbands now took them more seriously.

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Ultimately, he is locked in it for life. One night while on a sexual high he sent her an.

Most men did not even try to masturbate, but did seem to enjoy holding their genitals in a flaccid state in their cupped hands. Title says it all. Comment: Synopsis: A man is visited by two of his lady friends one foggy night They tease and torment his cock and balls and make Domimate perform oral on them. Many wives reported that the husbands who were denied their regular sexual orgasms, although sexually frustrated, were more sexually ardent than ever.

They also reported that they now shared an intimacy with their husbands which ly had been lacking, and liked their husbands much better. Comment: Synopsis: ant George gets a new client and discovers that there's more to life than ancy when her therapy services start to dominate his days.

And a few wives abused their new power and turned their husbands into virtual sex slaves and, in some cases, economic slaves as well. Comment: Synopsis: A young advertising agent is taken captive by a mysterious woman and her slave. As time went by, the news spread by word of mouth of all the advantages a woman would enjoy by having her husband "locked up for her alone. The court documents were sealed so that no one would ever know whether or not a particular husband had been subjected to a "protective order" or, if so, what choice he had made.

Both of the couple thought this could be a fun experience. Many of these wives learned the pleasures that flowed from denying their husbands an orgasm by keeping him locked up during their sex play or forbidding him to cum. When he returned home Dominnate the evening, his wife usually unlocked his device, particularly when he complained about how uncomfortable it was when he was locked up.

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