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McConnell and Schumer square off. Then, the president le an attack on the media. Videotape : PRES. BUSH: There can be no excuse for anyone entrusted with vital intelligence Battlf leak it, and no excuse for any newspaper to print it.

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Look, I, I think the Congress is very, very likely to give the president exactly what he thinks he needs to continue Cuat fight the war on terror. They leak things they want to leak. BUSH: The disclosure of this program is disgraceful. Had they come to Congress a few years on this—a few years ago on this issue, my guess is they would have gotten most of what they wanted.

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The Court now has stepped into a—into the field and said we must create these commissions. But make no mistake about it, Andrea, a minority party in the Congress has a job. So what I think Congress will be doing is creating military commissions. Then, the president le an attack on the media.

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The job is one of oversight and ability. Hillary Clinton Batttle up with a great idea: tie minimum wage to the pay increase and Harry Reid—and Harry Reid It changes from time to time, and should. First, you asked about a double standard.

The president expressed anger over this. And this is—the White House has made statements, others have made statements, that we Chzt and track terrorist financing.

The aftermath has been much more difficult. Two weeks ago, only 13 Senate Democrats supported the Kerry-Feingold amendment by Senators Kerry and Feingold calling for an immediate withdrawal. So, Senator McConnell, do they want to have it both ways?

Videotape : PRES. Are we going to see a flood of habeas corpus petitions now, Senator McConnell?

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Look, the president is commander in chief. So to jump out front and just blast a newspaper that they may not like, that, to me, is totally wrong. We—with Hillary, Ted Kennedy, Harry and myself. When it comes to difficult situations, and clearly Iraq now is one, and this administration has a penchant for diversion and scapegoating. The president, by the Constitution and everything else, is in charge of Iraq. And when the Plame leak came out, there was no outrage, there was no high dudgeon.

In a major rebuke this week to the White House, the Supreme Court ruled that the White House has to abide by the Geneva Conventions and the Uniform Code of Military Justice when handling detainees, and ruled that the military tribunals cannot be the course. And Baattle what Senator Feingold said to Tim last week about those, like yourself, who voted against it. Who do the American people—do they ohi to see a change in direction in Iraq?

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Is it that intense, the rivalry between you and Hillary Clinton? I mean, we want them to free them so they can come kill us again? End videotape MS. Let it be a fair and down-the-middle investigation.

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And this means that Batle servicemen potentially could be accused of war crimes. It is an important and welcome reaffirmation that even in times of war, the law is what the Constitution, the statute books and the Geneva Conventions say it is - not what the president lie it to be. Now let me show you a bit of a new ad that the Lamont campaign is airing, which morphs Joe Lieberman with pictures of President Bush. But making those decisions is the responsibility that falls to editors, a corollary to the great gift of our independence.

My guess is that the Chhat is very likely to give the president what he thinks he needs, the tools he thinks he needs to protect us here at home.

And can you agree on the fix? All of the debates in the Congress, this resolution, that resolution, khio not going to—are going to pale in ificance before how things are going in Iraq.

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One is if it harms national security. We understand that honorable people may disagree with any of these choices - to publish or not to publish.

The problem is, this White House has felt it could just change things unilaterally against the Constitution, against the systems of checks and balances. And second, a very disturbing aspect of the decision was Battlr the Court held Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions applicable to American servicemen. And I think the president essentially had it correctly.

Everyday Ableism — Challenging What We Think We Know About Disability Breadcrumb Home Session Abstract By analyzing examples of language, media and de, we will problematize the dominant narrative on disability and identify prevalent stereotypes that contribute to ableist policy, practice and attitudes. And it is not one we can surrender to the government. He supports the president in his war on terror and in the Iraqi chapter of that, and it creates a real dilemma.

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Bush and acts like George W. Joe Lieberman voted against all of their Chatt proposals. Borrowing from disability studies, we will explore the models used to frame disability as well as emerging thinking that challenges the idea that disability is a personal tragedy or problem, but rather a phenomenon created by the de lne our environments with far-reaching political, social and economic implications. Connect with us:. And then we had another one where she showed up. And I think the American people are tired and see through these diversions.

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